COVID-19 Update: All SaaStock Local events are being held online, but not all chapters are hosting during this time. You can create an account and join the city groups to be notified about online community engagements.

This is SaaStock Local

SaaStock Local is SaaStock's initiative to launch chapter of regular events that are independently organized by carefully selected community builders and influencers in SaaS. We help them facilitate the space to share challenges and best practices at our local level, while networking and creating new opportunities. 

From an initiative to a global movement...

It is a full circle of sorts for us. Our humble beginnings began with a local meetup in London, which Alex Theuma ran back in September 2015. Nine months previously, Alex had started SaaScribe, a blog and podcast about SaaS. He quickly saw that the hunger for knowledge about SaaS in Europe spanned to more than just content, with founders and execs wanting to interact and learn from each other’s experiences.
After a few more meetups in London and Dublin in the following months, the global movement and community of trailblazers that would become SaaStock was kickstarted with the first flagship conference in Dublin in September 2016, which welcomed 700 attendees. The local meetups were stopped in the name of the bigger events that would help us scale the community faster.

As we continued to grow our roster of conferences, expanding them to five continents, the need for local ecosystems that are active all year long rather than just once a year, however, remained. This is where the SaaStock Local platform comes into play.

1 Year Anniversary

SaaStock Local empowers independent organizers to deliver regular, highly-focused events with our know-how, values, and support. Those events will not only help local communities but also create a better-connected SaaS network worldwide. Happening quarterly around the world, these regional events will bring world-class speakers as well as local trailblazers to a city near you. Throughout the year, we will be sharing resources with the community, working on our mission to help founders, execs, investors, and startups get traction, growth, and scale.


It's the beginning of something bigger!


The SaaStock Local events. What makes us unique:

- We put our community first.

- Our content is actionable, with key and practical learning.

- We don't compromise on quality, yet they are independently delivered by City Leaders from different backgrounds.

- Providing the best-focused networking experience is at our core. That's what it's all about.


Join the community and help us grow this initiative together!