Customer Success: Your #1 Revenue Strategy for 2020 - by Athens and Amsterdam

Thu, May 14, 2020, 5:00 PM (EEST)

About this event

This is SaaStock Local Europe

A collaboration organized by and for the European SaaS community

In the face of a global crisis, what unites us is the same goal. We are all adapting; We need to re-think and re-strategize. We need to ask questions, think of new ideas, and seek answers. What was previously a world of physical interactions has now gone online.

What we are also learning is that by moving to the online, there are no barriers to collaborating in this global mission. So, for the first time, our European City Leaders and Community organizers are coming together to put on a multi-session online event organized by them for the whole of Europe. It’s a chance to ask key community leaders questions, to start a conversation on how to do things now. Whether you’re a Founder, part of a leadership team, a key member of a SaaS company, an Investor, or perhaps a consultant, this is the opportunity to learn and network together.

SaaStock Local Europe is organized by the City Leaders from London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Vilnius, Krakow, Prague, Kyiv, Helsinki, Athens, and Munich. Yet anyone in Europe is welcome to attend.

For every ticket sold €1 will go to a charity towards COVID-19 response.

Athens and Amsterdam Session:

After feeling the first effects of the downturn, businesses across the globe took measurements to fight this. Targeting new market segments takes time and usually requires additional resources thus retaining customers became the core objective for SaaS businesses. Customer Success is a top priority for SaaS businesses around the world, even more for larger businesses that cannot make quick changes.

That's why the SaaStock Local city leaders from Amsterdam and Athens teamed up to deliver valuable insight on Customer Success gained after the outbreak of the global pandemic.

Nancy Dandolos, Customer Success Officer at Signal Ocean is providing an insightful session on Customers Success focusing on upselling.

The second session during the Customer Success break-out sessions will be a thought leader panel on the lessons learned in the trenches by three CEO's operating a SaaS business within the Customer Success space. Tune in and learn from their insights and expert opinions on Customer Success. The following experts will be joining us:

Adam Dorel, CEO and Co-founder at CustomerGauge

Robin van Lieshout, CEO and Co-founder at InSided

Dominik Blattner, CEO and Co-founder at Kaizo

Eric Slaager, CEO and Co-founder at Advantic and SaaStock Local Amsterdam City Leader

After the sessions, we will take questions for all speakers during our interactive Q&A where you can ask any pressing questions to the Customer Success experts. 

Session Agenda:

4:30 pm - Introduction by the city leaders of Amsterdam and Athens

4:32 pm - Session: Why upselling is not a dirty word? By Nancy Dandolos, Customer Success Officer at Signal Ocean

4:50 pm - Customer Success Expert Panel - Lessons Learned During the Downturn. By Adam Dorel, CEO and Co-founder at CustomerGauge, Robin van Lieshout, CEO and Co-founder at InSided, Dominik Blattner, CEO and Co-founder at Kaizo. Moderated by Eric Slaager, CEO and Co-founder at Advantic and SaaStock Local Amsterdam City Leader

5:20 pm - Interactive Q&A

5:30 pm - Interactive content

Other topics that will be covered:

Note: If you are based in one of those cities, you can sign up via their pages to directly become a member of their community group. Otherwise, tell us what city you’re from and we’ll add you for future events.

To make the most of the event, stay for the networking. You’ll meet people both from your city and from all over Europe. There will a number of interactive sessions published before the event, so you can meet the City Leaders and share challenges as well as ideas.`



Thursday, May 14
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM (EEST)


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