10+ Product Onboarding Mistakes & How To Fix Them

Tue, Jan 12, 6:00 PM (CET)

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Onboarding is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT touchpoints for a SaaS business.
Which SaaS companies have THE BEST onboarding experiences? How many mistakes do you think they have made in their onboarding experiences? Who do you turn to for some inspiration when it comes to providing a delightful onboarding experience?

Most people stop using a product NOT because it is not useful or does not have the capability to solve their problems. They stop because it takes A LOT OF EFFORT for them to get used to it.

So, the answer to what is the best onboarding practice isn’t always so straightforward.
No matter how good a product you’ve made, if it takes ages to get used to it, it will not work for the customer & you will fail your mission.

Having said that, we want to start 2021 in the right way. With a few mistakes as possible.

We want you to avoid those critical mistakes and help you improve your onboarding flow.

That is why we will cover THE MOST COMMON MISTAKES WITH B2B SAAS ONBOARDING on January 12th, together with Mark Colgan, who co-founded The Product Onborders in 2020, to help B2B SaaS companies increase visitor to free trial conversion rates and convert more trial users to customers through product onboarding optimizations.

There will be a live audit of one lucky SaaS & 1o1 session after the event. 

Each attendee will also receive a FREE ONBOARDING CHECKLIST proofed by Mark.

Let’s do 2021 the right way!


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    Tuesday, Jan 12
    6:00 PM - 7:30 PM (CET)


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