How can SaaS continue to shape the future of work? By London and Dublin

London Thu, May 14, 3:00 PM (BST)

About this event

This is SaaStock Local Europe

A collaboration organized by and for the European SaaS community

In the face of a global crisis, what unites us is the same goal. We are all adapting; We need to re-think and re-strategize. We need to ask questions, think of new ideas, and seek answers. What was previously a world of physical interactions has now gone online.

What we are also learning is that by moving to the online, there are no barriers to collaborating in this global mission. So, for the first time, our European City Leaders and Community organizers are coming together to put on a multi-session online event organized by them for the whole of Europe. It’s a chance to ask key community leaders questions, to start a conversation on how to do things now. Whether you’re a Founder, part of a leadership team, a key member of a SaaS company, an Investor, or perhaps a consultant, this is the opportunity to learn and network together.

SaaStock Local Europe is organized by the City Leaders from London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Vilnius, Krakow, Prague, Kyiv, Helsinki, Athens, and Munich. Yet anyone in Europe is welcome to attend.

For every ticket sold €1 will go to a charity towards COVID-19 response.

London and Dublin Session: How can SaaS continue to shape the future of work?

SaaS has been leading the way in terms of the business model, remote working, professionalising marketing, sales, customer success and product disciplines. But post COVID-19, what next? How do we lead ourselves and our customers?

If you want to find out how you can help shape the future for our industry then this session is for you. You’ll hear from the CEOs of Codility, Personio and Oxx VC on what the future might look like and what the SaaS companies they’re working with are doing to stay on the front foot.

Session Agenda (BST): 

Welcome from Nick Dunse CMO at Shuttle

Keynote from Natalia Panowicz, CEO at Codility

Panel discussion and audience questions, hosted by Philipp Maucher from SaaS Network Ireland. 

Panellists: Natalia Panowicz, Codility. Richard Anton from Oxx VC. Hannah Godfrey from Winning by Design.

Startup teardown hosted by Gary Corcoran, Head of Internation at Hubspot, with Oracle Accelerator startups 

Other topics that will be covered:

Note: If you are based in one of those cities, you can sign up via their pages to directly become a member of their community group. Otherwise, tell us what city you’re from and we’ll add you for future events.

To make the most of the event, stay for the networking. You’ll meet people both from your city and from all over Europe. There will a number of interactive sessions published before the event, so you can meet the City Leaders and share challenges as well as ideas.`


  • Hanno Renner

    Hanno Renner



  • Natalia Panowicz

    Natalia Panowicz



  • Richard Anton

    Richard Anton

    Oxx VC

    General Partner

  • Philipp Maucher

    Philipp Maucher

    SaaS Network Ireland


  • Hannah Godfrey

    Hannah Godfrey

    Winning by Design

    SaaS Growth Architect

  • Nick Dunse

    Nick Dunse



  • Joe Lennon

    Joe Lennon




Thursday, May 14
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM (BST)


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