Subscription monetization in the midst of a crisis - By Munich and Barcelona

Thu, May 14, 2020, 4:00 PM (CEST)

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This is SaaStock Local Europe

A collaboration organized by and for the European SaaS community

In the face of a global crisis, what unites us is the same goal. We are all adapting; We need to re-think and re-strategize. We need to ask questions, think of new ideas, and seek answers. What was previously a world of physical interactions has now gone online.

What we are also learning is that by moving to the online, there are no barriers to collaborating in this global mission. So, for the first time, our European City Leaders and Community organizers are coming together to put on a multi-session online event organized by them for the whole of Europe. It’s a chance to ask key community leaders questions, to start a conversation on how to do things now. Whether you’re a Founder, part of a leadership team, a key member of a SaaS company, an Investor, or perhaps a consultant, this is the opportunity to learn and network together.

SaaStock Local Europe is organized by the City Leaders from London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Vilnius, Krakow, Prague, Kyiv, Helsinki, Athens, and Munich. Yet anyone in Europe is welcome to attend.

For every ticket sold €1 will go to a charity towards COVID-19 response.

Munich and Barcelona session: Subscription Monetization in the Midst of a Crisis

Questions regarding monetization strategy and price optimization keep many start-up founders and investors up at night, this is especially true for SaaS innovators who intend to pursue a subscription-based pricing model. A subscription strategy has many advantages - but it also entails specific challenges. And, unlike in other industries, SaaS companies have almost limitless choices when it comes to how and how much they can charge their subscribers. Even if you don’t get pricing right the first time, the good news is that as a SaaS start-up you still have time to fix it as you become more mature and constantly innovate, test and learn.

Therefore, subscription monetization should become as much a part of your innovation as your product offering. Today you will learn how to develop your value proposition and related subscription packages, define a suitable pricing model and implement it with the aim to attract new customers, retain existing customers and generate recurring revenues. Finally, some Do’s and Don’ts regarding pricing in a crisis like COVID-19 will be shared.

You should participate if you…

- want to learn how to develop your value proposition.

- want to learn more about different subscription packages.

- want to learn how to implement and use pricing models to attract new customers and retain existing customers.

- want to learn more about the Do’s and Dont’s regarding pricing in the current situation.

- want to connect with people who can give you valuable tips on how to deal with your current pricing challenges.

Session agenda:

4:00 pm - Hanno Renner - CEO & Founder Personio - Fireside chat

4:30 pm - Peter Loving - Founder & Strategist - Pricing Strategies

5:00 pm - Felix Krohn - Senior Advisor & Interim Executive - Subscription Monetization

5:30 pm - Live Analysis: Hubspot Pricing with Christian Wirth - Pricing Expert

All the topics covered at this online event:

Note: If you are based in one of those cities, you can sign up via their pages to directly become a member of their community group. Otherwise, tell us what city you’re from and we’ll add you for future events.

To make the most of the event, stay for the networking. You’ll meet people both from your city and from all over Europe. There will a number of interactive sessions published before the event, so you can meet the City Leaders and share challenges as well as ideas.`



Thursday, May 14
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM (CEST)


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