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New York is the beating heart of the SaaS ecosystem on the East Coast. In fact, it beats so strongly that the New York metropolitan area is the second biggest hotspot for SaaS companies, giving Silicon Valley a run for its money. What’s interesting though is that it’s not employing the same ways of growing.

There is something saner about it. It’s down-to-earth, yet scrappy. It’s muted, yet filled with hustle. In its essence, the New York SaaS ecosystem is driven far more by executing on recognized use cases where a SaaS solution makes sense, rather than on the perceived hype it’s the next big thing.

However, until recently there was no identifiable entity bringing the SAAS community in New York together on a regular basis. That's all changing with our local chapter that will gather the best minds behind some of the most successful and up & coming SAAS companies together on a quarterly basis to network and share best practices.

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