Liam Boogar-Azoulay

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About Me

I am the Head of Marketing at MadKudu, a predictive lead scoring solution enabling SaaS companies like Slack, Segment, Drift & Shopify to programmatically determine the next best action at every step of the buyer journey. I was previously Brand Director at Algolia, the Search-as-a-Service company, where I worked on our Awareness, Content & Communications Strategy. My weeks were filled with billboard re-designs, editorial meetings, product releases, social media, event & website messaging. Once upon a time I built Rude Baguette - France's Startup Blog. I had a lot of fun. These days, I still write my own newsletter in my spare time. I have bylines in Wired & TechCrunch, have been interviewed on the BBC & NPR, quoted in the New York Times & LA Times, and have spoken at SXSW, Web Summit, CES & Slush.